D7. You must uphold the reputation of the profession at all times through your conduct, in and out of the workplace.

  1. The public’s trust and confidence in the profession (and the reputation of the profession generally) can be undermined by an osteopath’s professional or personal conduct. You should have regard to your professional standing, even when you are not acting as an osteopath.
  2. Upholding the reputation of the profession may include:
    1. acting within the law at all times (criminal convictions could be evidence that an osteopath is unfit to practise)
    2. showing compassion to patients
    3. showing professional courtesy to those with whom you work
    4. behaving honestly in your personal and professional dealings
    5. maintaining the same standard of professional conduct in an online environment as would be expected elsewhere
    6. not abusing alcohol or drugs
    7. not behaving in an aggressive or violent way in your personal or professional life
    8. not allowing professional disputes to cause you to fall below the standards expected of you
    9. not falsifying records, data or other documents.